Always smiling, in a good mood and open minded. The FRAMED pilot video draw an international attention to the down to earth guy from Bavaria. Mr. FRAMED does not only ride big mountain lines like the daredevil himself and flips doubles like Johnny Depp his mind in Fear & Loathing Las Vegas, but he also plays ice hockey and hosts the mountain bike edition of the Nine Knights comp in his spare time in between.


The prototype of an Austrian “Schlawiner” is always kidding, but also got brains. Loves pulling huuuuge superman seatgraps, especially when he is the mastermind behind the set of perfectly shaped doubles. Check out the annual Vienna Air King comp to get an impression of his building and riding skills.


The incarnation of everybody’s darling. Owning a pussy cat called Starsky and always being at the right place at the right time. Mr. Nice Guy has a strong BMX background and is able to break like every bike part, but not the five stroke hubs. Thanks Benny for trying hard! Much appreciated.


A multitalented guy that loves riding everything that rolls on two wheels. Rob is always looking for new goals, loves back country expeditions all over the world, helping his bike sponsor Canyon in the R&D, as well as supporting the upcoming freeride talents with his own youth camps. This guy knows what he wants and goes for it, just straightforward!


a.k.a. Mr. Fearless from Nuremburg – home of the District Ride, code number 911!!! Tobi is a smart guy but seems to have a switch for brain on/off in his neck, pulling e.g. double backflips at shows.


From Dortmund - Germany’s former industrial center that is well known for producing masses of steal, charcoal and beer. Sounds like a tough guy? Yes and no! Felix is a hard rocker at any session he joins, but like always sucks at comps. But we don’t give a shit, we love that guy and his style.


First time noticed as an outstanding attendee of the Freeride magazine youth camp back in the time, “Bombenkrater” local, Infocus crew member, always nervous and having a whole bag full of excuses with him. But he is also a funny and upfront guy that got us with his pure awesomeness, including one of the nicest decades we have ever seen.


Thor’s hammer from Norway – Trond was one of the first riders pulling huge frontflips, landing on the overall podium of the Pan European Nissan QashQai Challenge Tour 2008. The former Norwegian national downhill champion loves all aspects of freeriding and its lifestyle: He plays his guitar like no one else in the pro circus, is easy going and on top shows brains studying media sciences. He and his ANTI Media Productions crew are also the masterminds behind the unique “Days of Thunder” sessions in Hafjell.

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