assembly industries is proud to announce the launch of their first products: The “five-stroke” hubs are state of the art mountain bike parts, designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany. The high end, CNC machined hub bodies are made for heavy-duty dirt and slopestyle use while combining a clean design, lightweight construction and easy, tool-less maintenance opportunities.

Mountain bike and former bmx pro, as well as founder of assembly industries, Tibor Simai points out: “There have been like no products for dirt jumping and slopestyle, pumptrack or street riding that offer high end construction and superb quality in a stylish design. I came up with the wish to make it better and soon afterwards the idea for assembly industries was born – that was two years ago.”

Tibor has been working for numerous bike and parts manufacturers in developing and testing teams for years and used his experience to pack the assembly industries "five-stroke" hubs with a whole bunch of special features for a better ride:


• The aluminum axle of the rear hub uses
  steel windings to combine a little weight,
  stiffness and carefree mounting. At the
  same time, the axle screw and spacers
  have indenting tooth to keep the hub at
  its place.

• The rear hub has got a classic single
  speed look, but also allows running up to
  five gears – perfect for slopestlye.

• Two options of the free wheel are
  available: the “super silent” and the “full-
  scale” version. The silent one sounds
  just like “ssssssss” and the loud full-
  scale free wheel almost shouts out with
  a “dang, dang!!!”

• The whole rear hub can be easily put
  into parts without any specific tools.

• The front hub’s clean look and optimum
  stiffness are achieved by missing a disc
  mount, which wouldn’t be used in dirt
  jumping, slopestyle, pumptrack or street
  riding anyway.

• Front and rear hubs feature high-end
  industry bearings that are also




holes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  32
front hub axle . . .  15 mm / 20 mm
rear hub axle . . . . . . . . . .  10 only
weight front hub . . . . .  200 grams
weight rear hub . . . . . . 375 grams
volume "super silent" . . . . > 75 dB
volume "full-scale" . . . . .  > 90 dB


polished aluminum
anodized in red, blue, turquoise, purple, gold, orange or black.


assembly industries hubs have been tested by well-known German freeriders like Andi Wittmann, Benny Korthaus, Rob J or Tibor Simai all 2010 season long and were approved as “great shit!”

The German engineering and high quality have an impact on the pricing: The front hub is listed with 199,- Euros, the rear hub is 319,- Euros.

assembly industries hubs are not available in shops. Prospective buyers can drop Tibor an e-mail:



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